Configuring and building kernels (boot problem)

Geir Ove Myhr gomyhr at
Mon Feb 22 10:54:23 UTC 2010

Hi everybody,

I need to build a kernel with a patch [1] in order to help people
troubleshoot some freeze problems on intel graphics hardware. I have
previously used the instructions at [2] (I find them more to-the-point
than [3]) to build kernel packages, but currently the kernels I build
do not boot.

In addition to the instructions at [2], I do a `git checkout
v2.6.33-rc8` to get a build of this milestone. Since I want to use a
standard configuration, I copy /boot/config-2.6.33-020633rc8-generic
to .config. `make oldconfig` doesn't need to ask any additional
questions and as usual I turn off kernel debugging to save space. The
build works fine, but when I boot I get a black screen with:

[     0.935698] EXT3-fs (sda8): error: couldn't mount because of
unsupported optional features (240)
[     0.936102] EXT2-fs (sda8): error: couldn't mount because of
unsupported optional features (240)
init: plymouth main process (75) terminated with status 71
init: ureadahead main process (74) terminated with status 3
mountall: Could not connect to plymouth
mountall: Event failed
mountall: Event failed

I tried to uninstall the plymouth binary package, but it didn't change
anything with my self-compiled kernel and then the init; lines also
showed up with a Mainline build, so I supsect the two first lines are
the relevant ones.

What are the additional steps I need to take in order to make a kernel
which is bootable with my Lucid installation?


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