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manoj.iyer at manoj.iyer at
Wed Feb 17 13:39:29 UTC 2010


> I am currently using the Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS kernel version
> 2.6.24-26. I wanted to insmod and modprobe a few of my own hand written
> rudimentary modules into the kernel. I succeeded in my above venture,
> but with a few unwanted side effects.

Is there any specific reason why you are using Hardy?

> though. The real issue I was facing as that, my nVidia drivers and
> creative sound card drivers failed to work at first for the 2.6.24
> version kernel and soon for the shipped 2.6.24-26 kernel too it failed
> to work. Following this X windows too ceased to work properly for both
> the kernels.What  isthe best way to solve and avoid such a scenario.

Nvidia uses proprietary drivers, if you build your own kernel you should 
do with hardy kernel source, you can apt-get that from the repo.

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