Changes to the buildscripts git repo

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Sat Feb 13 15:11:20 UTC 2010

Amit Kucheria wrote:
> Hi,
> At the sprint in Portland, Stefan and I sat down to cleanup the buildscripts
> git repo. The repo has now been renamed to kteam-tools.git.
> Git URL: git://
> If you already have the repo cloned, edit .git/config and change 'buildscript'
> to 'kteam-tools'
> This repo contains scripts to do the following:
> buildscripts: Scripts used to farm out the kernel builds to remote
> machines
> chroot-setup: Scripts to setup jailed kernel compilation enviroments.
> git-hooks: Optional hooks to save you from making dumb mistakes when
> committing patches
> mainline-build: Scripts to produce .debs for mainline kernels
> misc: Everything else...
Cleanups are all great, but we have to keep the wiki documentation up to date when we change the location and structure of our content. I sent someone a link to our wiki pages to build a kernel, but he couldn't set up an schroot because this git repo location had changed. I have searched through and cleaned up the ubuntu wiki, so I think everything is ok now.

Please keep this in mind when making future changes.

Chase Douglas

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