pls help me understand status of UEFI + Ubuntu

Manoj Iyer manoj.iyer at
Wed Aug 4 18:12:28 BST 2010


I have a few questions on where we stand wrt to UEFI, installer and grub, 
just clear up my understanding of where we are and for the kernel folks on 
the list who might be interested.

1. I assume, we boot the CDrom in legacy mode, the installer installs the 
correct bits for UEFI and we boot from the installed HDD in UEFI mode. 
Correct ?

2. The USB boot stick creator boots live USB sticks in legacy mode? 

3. PXE boot work in fedora as of Apr 3rd, I see you posted patch to 
grub-devel back in June to fix PXE issues, I am assuming PXE boot works 
for Ubuntu as well ?

4. Will we have separate ISO for UEFI and legacy or the installer figures 
this out automatically?

5. I don't know where Dell/HP and other server manufacturers are with 
UEFI on servers, I understand from UEFI plug-fest that Dell bios team is 
working on the switch, will the server ISO behave the same way as regular? 
Reason I ask is because I believe server images are based on alternate.

Any thing else we need to be aware of when dealing with UEFI bios that I 
might have missed ?

--- manjo

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