perf userspace tools fixes for Ubuntu / linaro

Dave Martin dave.martin at
Mon Aug 2 10:55:11 BST 2010

Hi there,

I worked on a few patches to the help the userspace perf tools do
better at loading debug symbols -- this is particularly of interest on
Ubuntu and Linaro where separated debug symbols in .ddebs are
typically not loaded even when present.  Note that even with the
patches, the contents of .ddebs are still not cached by perf along
with the other profiled binaries, so you will still lose the symbols
if you uninstall/upgrade your ddebs in the meantime.  This should get
fixed in the future.

Due to mailserver issues, Arnaldo kindly helped merge these patches
for me.  The patches are now merged to the linux-2.6-tip master

You can find details of the commits here:

[ Nico: WIll says he's going to pull these patches into his linaro
branch, if it's more convenient for you to pull from there. ]

Covering notes explaining the changes follow.


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