[GIT PULL] mvl-dove branch sync'ed to Marvell Dove LSP 5.3.3 - Maverick

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Tue Aug 31 14:23:17 UTC 2010

On 08/31/2010 07:59 AM, Eric Miao wrote:
> Only those fixing patches are cherry-picked. See
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-mvl-dove/+bug/625132
> Together with my two patches to make galcore.ko and bmm_drv.ko built-in
> instead of being module. Reason justified at
> http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/625090
> Please review and pull.

Actually, you don't really need to send a pull request for Maverick 
since its nearly an exact clone of Lucid. I use the update script in the 
Maverick mvl-dove branch to perform the update:


I know its a bit out of the ordinary to do it this way, but it is 
similar to what I've done for the Lucid LTS backport from Maverick. I've 
made note of these differences in


I'll do the update as soon as I notice the Lucid repo mvl-dove branch is 

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com

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