[GIT PULL] [Maverick] TI OMAP4 2.6.35 L24.9 kernel release

Bryan Wu bryan.wu at canonical.com
Tue Aug 31 07:26:16 UTC 2010

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 12:48 AM, Oliver Grawert <ogra at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> hi,
> Am Montag, den 30.08.2010, 09:44 -0600 schrieb Tim Gardner:
>> On 08/27/2010 08:22 PM, Bryan Wu wrote:
>> > Tim and Lean,
>> >
>> > This big change is based on TI OMAP4 2.6.35 L24.9 release, which contains 1400+
>> > patches. After rebasing on our Maverick master branch, we successfully build
>> > kernel packages and most functions work fine on TI OMAP4 ES2.0 hardware. So
>> > please consider to pull this branch to replace our old 2.6.34 kernel.
>> >
>> > The following changes since commit 978e830c47ca5de5824ddf3ba9f7d3571da765a7:
>> >    Leann Ogasawara (1):
>> >          UBUNTU: Ubuntu-2.6.35-19.25
>> >
>> > are available in the git repository at:
>> >
>> >    git://kernel.ubuntu.com/roc/ubuntu-maverick ti-omap4
>> >
>> uploaded
> i asked for this upload to be rejected for now since there is no way to
> make sure its not accidentially accepted.
> the arm team isnt fully equipped with ES2.0 hardware yet, the images do
> not have ES2.0 bootloaders on them and if a release manager would
> accidentially accept it, the resulting binary would make the omap4
> images unbootable.
> if the build would have been for ES1.0 it would have been fine for beta,
> but in the current sitiation i'm asking that it gets re-uploaded after
> the beta release once we have the updated bootloader code on the images.
> sorry, i would have reacted earlier if i had expected it to end up in
> the queue before beta so you wouldnt have to do the upload twice ...
> ciao
>        oli


I'm not sure about whether I need to revert that ES1.0 config deactive
patch from our GIT tree and ask Tim to help upload.
Or we just wait for a while and keep the GIT branch intact?

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