Cross compiling perf for omap will fail during kernel building

Bryan Wu bryan.wu at
Fri Aug 27 01:17:25 UTC 2010


As I am working on preparing 2.6.35 based omap4 branch, I found a
building issue in our master branch.

If I am using following cross compiling command to generate kernel
packages, it will try to cross compile perf tools. But the building
will fail due to some library missing the popular CodeSourcery 2010q1
arm toolchain.

fdr clean && export $(dpkg-architecture -aarmel) &&
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- fdr binary-arch binary-udebs

Preparing perarch ...
install -d /home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/build/tools-
for i in *; do ln -s /home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/$i
/home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/build/tools-/; done
rm /home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/build/tools-/tools
rsync -a tools/ /home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/build/tools-/tools/
touch /home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/stamps/stamp-prepare-perarch
cd /home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/build/tools-/tools/perf && make
make[1]: Entering directory
Makefile:512: No libdw.h found or old libdw.h found or elfutils is
older than 0.138, disables dwarf support. Please install new
Makefile:548: *** No libelf.h/libelf found, please install
libelf-dev/elfutils-libelf-devel and glibc-dev[el].  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [/home/roc/Work/ubuntu-maverick/debian/stamps/stamp-build-perarch]
Error 2

Do we always build and packaging perf for armel? But I think it is OK
in our schroot environment, I will test it soon.

And if I just us 'fdr binary-omap' or 'fdr binary-omap4', it works
fine and we get the kernel package.

Any idea about that?

Thanks a lot.
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