[Maverick][PATCH 0/3] ARM: OMAP: Beagle: revision detection

Robert Nelson robertcnelson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 15:25:30 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 10:08 AM, Lee Jones <lee.jones at canonical.com> wrote:
>> Though this bug is milestoned for 10.10 Beta, is it really a Beta
>> release blocker?
>> Y'all missed the friction free window for Maverick patches, so now
>> you're gonna have to work hard to justify these un-vetted changes at
>> such a late date. Saying that "no further progress can be made" seems a
>> bit extreme.
> AFAIK, the issues these patches fix are holding up any further development.
> The filesystem essentially becomes read-only without them.
> Oliver may be able to shed more light on the particulars.

Here's a quick Background.

Introduced in mainline 2.6.35, the write protect and card detect gpio
defines in the omap3 board file's are now actually used in the mmc
driver on omap..


Once merged, this patch revealed that the older Bx boards where using
the wrong wp gpio pin, as the file system was coming up read only on,
no matter the direction of the read only switch on SD cards.  Whereas
the xM boards (which use a smaller MicroSD card with no lever) where
getting set to use the same read only gpio as Cx boards, which happens
to be used on another interface according to the xM schematic.

Without the patches, neither Bx or xM boards boot to a useful file
system, as the kernel thinks the SD card is forcing read only.


Robert Nelson

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