How do I upgrade the kernel after adding PPA. Need to patch for fix to Synaptic touchpad on vostro v13

Simon Hook simon.j.hook at
Fri Aug 20 04:48:24 UTC 2010


I have a Dell Vostro v13 with Ubuntu 10.04 2.6.32-24-generic. 
Unfortunately the synaptics touchpad is not recognized and assigned to a 
generic mouse driver. The generic driver skips and does not support side 
scrolling. The bug has been submitted to launchpad and is described here:
Bug #380126 </bugs/380126>
Bug #545565 </bugs/545565>

Recently I was pointed to a kernel patch which should fix it but the 
patch generates errors when applied to my kernel version but I was told 
the patch would work with the latest kernel and I could use the ppa to 
get the latest kernel. 

I have added the ppa as a software source and done an apt-get update but 
my system has not updated and I do not know what I am doing wrong. Here 
are the steps I have been through:

How do I install the latest kernel so I can try the patch. The problem 
is really annoying and affects numerous people.

thanks for any help -- S.

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