Source for Karmic 2.6.31-22.61 kernel?

Nelson Elhage nelhage at
Thu Aug 5 00:43:09 UTC 2010


I noticed that the git tag that was pushed today for the Karmic 2.6.31-22.61
security release today (git commit ab0107b5fca3a6ab9bf5d14cb5d66d9fc0664fda)
doesn't seem to include many (any?) of the fixes listed in the changelog and
included in the source package for the release.

Am I missing something here? Is there a plan to push the correct git sources at
some point?

(Also, you don't seem to have pushed the source for the Lucid 2.6.32-24.39
kernel -- is there an ETA on pushing that?)


- Nelson Elhage

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