Please cherry-pick audio patch for Dell Optiplex

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at
Tue Aug 3 12:58:24 UTC 2010

On 08/03/2010 02:49 PM, David Henningsson wrote:
> 2010-08-03 14:43, Tim Gardner skrev:
>> On 08/03/2010 01:50 AM, David Henningsson wrote:
>>> I would like us to cherry-pick commit b08b1637ce from
>>>, put it into
>>> Maverick, test it there for a month or two and assuming no regressions,
>>> I'll submit it to stable at and it'll reach Lucid that way. It's
>>> in Takashi's tree, so it will be in 2.6.36.
>>> If applied, it will fix playback on several Dell Optiplex machines and
>>> some others. There is a theoretical risc for regressions for people
>>> having ALC268 chips with broken BIOSes, but I believe it is very small,
>>> but still that's why I would like some testing in Maverick first.
>>> (If the patch does not apply cleanly, apply 5d4abf93 first.)
>> Propose them as stable updates to stable at _after_ they've been
>> merged into Linus' tree.
> That way they'll reach Lucid and Maverick at the same time, right? I
> think it would be better to have them in Maverick a while first - I
> don't think there are any regressions, but I'd like to play it safe.
> Does that make sense to you?

By the speed we can copy with patches from Greg this will probably take a bit
anyway. There is a bit of delay until Greg releases things as well. So I would
not be too afraid here.


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