Suspend/Resume Inspiron 1464/1764 Lucid bug# 571422

Jerone Young jerone.young at
Fri Apr 30 04:32:26 UTC 2010

Hey guys,
	This is could be the same issue we have seen on other Dell machines
(and some other vendors). Where the SCI_EN bit isn't being set .. try
this kernel here:

Add kernel command line:

	Let me know what happens ?


On Wed, 2010-04-28 at 15:19 -0500, Manoj Iyer wrote:
> Mario/Jerone,
> I trying to help Ben (cced) with suspend resume issues he is seeing on 
> Lucid with his Inspiron 1464 & 1764 models. He has done some preliminary 
> debug, he says "testing all modes in /sys/power/pm_test succeed, but when 
> I echo none to it, the system does not come back. According to the 
> documentation, this suggests that it is in the invocation of the platform 
> firmware"
> Buglink:
> Can you guys pls advice as to what the next steps are in figuring out what 
> the issue/fix might be ?
> Cheers
> --- manjo

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