BFS and CK patch set

Lucas Clemente Vella lvella at
Fri Apr 30 00:21:28 UTC 2010

I posted this message originally on ubuntu-motu list, but I was
instructed that this list is more appropriated.

I google searched through kernel-team list and I could find no thread
about the Con Kolivas patchset for Desktops and its BFS. See this bug:

I'd like to bring to discussion the inclusion of another kernel in
Universe, linux-ck (or whatever name you may wish to give it), that
would include this patchset with the new scheduler, to serve as an
alternative to the more daring Ubuntu Desktop users.

Particularly, I find very useful the idea of SCHED_ISO
( ) for media
players and such...

What would take to bring -ck into universe?

Lucas Clemente Vella
lvella at

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