Fix dual-link DVI on DCE3.2 in Lucid

Ancoron Luciferis ancoron at
Tue Apr 20 05:28:04 UTC 2010

Hi devs,

I had an issue with my hardware setup (ATI Radeon HD4770 + Dell 
3007WFP-HC) regarding KMS.

This issue got solved by Alex Deucher in fdo bug 27001:

It has been verified to work and has been committed to upstream:;a=commit;h=b317a9ce2259e64258a802a5ca70dec45ac15dda

The problem was that during an Evergreen code merge in the 2.6.33 kernel 
(from which you pull the DRM/KMS stuff) support for dual-link DVI 
monitors got completely broken on DCE3.2/4.0.

So I have backported the commit to the Lucid kernel 2.6.32-21 and 
verified that it works (although DCE4.0 support is missing there).

There is also an appropriate launchpad bug containing my patch:

Please have a look and integrate that patch into the Lucid code base.



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