Patch: SAUCE: Disable acceleration on MacBook Pro and GeForce 3

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Thu Apr 8 19:41:25 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 5:10 AM, Christopher James Halse Rogers
<raof at> wrote:
> Currently in Lucid we have reports of nouveau hanging during boot on
> many of the recent MacBook Pro revisions, and also on GeForce 3 cards.
> See:
> and
> Disabling acceleration on these cards prevents the hang, and the systems
> boot and run successfully.  The attached patch disables acceleration on
> MacBook Pros, and GeForce 3 cards.

It would be nice if we could fix this instead of brute force
disabling, but we're so close to release and this looks to affect so
many people (assumption based on number of mbp users alone) that I
think this approach is best for now. The logic seems right, but I
haven't seen any reports of tests to ensure this patch works as
intended. Christopher, have you or anyone else tested this?

What do we lose when we disable accel? I assume it's more than just
the non-existent 3D acceleration. I still think it's more important
that things work at all, but a discussion of what this causes would be

Once this can be confirmed as tested I will Ack it.

-- Chase

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