regarding mvsas patches & Ubuntu Bug #554398 (fwd)

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Thu Apr 8 18:32:35 UTC 2010


I did poke Ayan, but looks like Marvell does not have anyone working on 
getting these patches upstream. Lucid (10.04) is past beta and in SRU 
territory. If these patches are not stable, and not in any git tree I 
don't think we can pick them up. I am not sure what sauce patches centOS 
is carrying that makes mvsas stable on their OS. Also, you mentioned "" 
"new" copy of the drivers that were posted on linux-raid "", that seems to 
work for you.. (can you share a pointer?) may be that is what we should 
use to fix the issue (temporary) seen in Bug #554398

Ubuntu kernel folks have any thoughts on this?

--- manjo

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 	The patches are not committed to upstream, by now no updated patches is ready.

Andy Yan

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A while back you released a set of 7 patches that reportedly fixes some of
the issues we are seeing with mvsas.

7 patches I am referring to are:

I was not able to find them upstream, or in jgarzik or any other git tree.
Can you please update us on the status of this patch? Or can you please
point me to the git tree where these patches might be available?

--- manjo

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