Atlanta Linux Fest Hardware testing

Manoj Iyer manoj.iyer at
Sun Sep 20 22:41:41 UTC 2009

The kernel team did a Karmic Hardware Compatibility Workshop, key 
components like suspend/resume, audio, fn buttons, KMS, graphics, flash, 
camera, java etc were tested. The response was really encouraging, a lot 
of Ubuntu fans really liked the idea that we are taking this initiative to 
test karmic against their hardware. Users also suggested that we put in 
place a mechanism by which they loan us their hardware for fixing bugs. An 
online magazine editor was really impressed with the test kit that we put 
together and requested that I provide him a screen capture of the testing 

The image used to test is available at
This image is based on 09-15-09 daily build of kamic plus 09-17-09 kernel 
& supporting libs that fix the intel video card issue that Andy worked on. 
The tests are run using a modified version of checkbox, which includes new 
features like filing bugs on failure, and performance improvements.

111 machines were tested, and the raw test logs are available at
Users also filed bugs on failures on the field.

The logs needs to be parsed and a database needs to be created linking the 
failures to specific bits of hardware. I think this will help us identify 
the drivers that will need work to get Karmic support these hardware bits 

--- manjo

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