Jaunty SRU -> Karmic Review

Amit Kucheria amit.kucheria at canonical.com
Thu Sep 17 09:43:29 UTC 2009

On 09 Sep 16, Andy Whitcroft wrote:
> I am currently reviewing the entire Jaunty SRU stack since we forked the
> Karmic kernel.  As part of that I have found a number of imx51 related
> patches applied to Jaunty which are not obviously in Karmic.  As the
> stacks are very different it is highly likley they are not relevant and
> can be ignored.  Amit could you cast an eye over this list and see if
> anything is still relevant and pull them over.


Thanks for the pointers.

>     520cdbde8e05b4646dbaaffd278525e4c8c164ed UBUNTU: Disable CONFIG_RTL8187SE for armel.versatile
>     b77dd4e0d609a5e35d015ad5b46b76b10c60d711 UBUNTU: Enable SYN_COOKIES for iop32x and versatile flavours
>     7314100905a183295ec6713565cbd3db3c76f857 UBUNTU: ixp4xx: Enabled TCP SYN_COOKIES
>     bfc7c882e3cf41908d3bcdd1d15c90044f76f18b UBUNTU: ARM: Add bootloader package Recomendation to iop32x and ixp4xx flavours

All these are Don't care since the flavours have disappeared.

>     ada33dc1b61a776f7924228c5ec0193dc3a55622 UBUNTU: ARM: Setting the bootloader for imx51 flavour.
>     857feca236d7e76b00dd07ae8f82be05c0a11082 UBUNTU: build CRAMFS into kernel to support mounting CRAMFS initrd on iop32x machine
>     f6933e4f37ba2db2994b89aa7009c14aea05e16b UBUNTU: SAUCE: imx51: fec cache flush functions are incorrect
>     091981a144fee9cae826b5e45dcb0c9e0d506124 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Revert ENGR00103870 FEC reopening causes network wdog timeout
>     ff6430ca9bddedb389e633bbd5381832c625c5f8 UBUNTU: SAUCE: imx51: fec: fix cache operations for receive
>     51d2d2e8a90a31de3fcf06be46dab7bc02fe8823 UBUNTU: SAUCE: mx51: fix to1.1 in mxc_iomux_set_input

The fec patches from imx51 are in the patchesets received from FSL. So I don't
need these commits. 

I'm still working on reverting FEC to the 2.6.28 state to get FEC working though.

>     201b3d3003be637d8a71372c113f1dcbd6211755 UBUNTU: ARM: Unset CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DEBUG for imx51
>     39a9ef73e0c9726a365aeae079414711fa1ef93d UBUNTU: ARM: Enable rtl8187 for imx51
>     cb06a563db1f3d11df7fe33db1ea79b9362c16ef UBUNTU: ARM: Increase CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE for imx51 flavour.

Already done.


Amit Kucheria, Finland

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