[PATCH 0/6] Karmic -- Jaunty SRU review missing patches

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Sep 16 17:27:18 UTC 2009

Following this email are the 6 missing patches as identified during the
Jaunty SRU review (for non-arm).  Two of them are packaging related,
two are config related, and two are real changes which should likely
be upstreamed.  There is one more patch which is still outstanding to do
with PC Beep.

NOTE: the DUMMY_HCD patch implies an ABI bump and also drops a module,
therefore the branch also includes the noise needed to make this happen.
I have only included the actual patches here.

The following changes since commit c3e9c94f6dea79ca4f4639be5a19d7d49f6f1e9d:
  Andy Whitcroft (1):
        UBUNTU: Fix up incorrect bug link for ext3 read-only update

are available in the git repository at:

  git://kernel.ubuntu.com/apw/ubuntu-karmic.git jauntySRU

Amit Kucheria (1):

Andy Whitcroft (3):
      UBUNTU: Start new release
      UBUNTU: Bump ABI

Bryan Wu (1):
      UBUNTU: Add 3 missing files to prerm remove file list

Manoj Iyer (1):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: Added quirk to recognize GE0301 3G modem as an interface.

Stefan Bader (1):
      UBUNTU: (buildenv) Add a distclean target to remove temporary files

ubuntu at tjworld.net (1):
      UBUNTU: SAUCE: ipw2200: Enable LED by default


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