TuxOnIce in Ubuntu kernel?

Amit Kucheria amit.kucheria at canonical.com
Mon Oct 19 12:32:57 UTC 2009

On 09 Oct 19, AceLan Kao wrote:

> TuxOnIce has more other features, such as suspend/resume splash screen,
> reuse the suspend image, save the suspended image in a file, not in a
> partition.
> And there are some reasons I guess that mainstream kernel doesn't acquire
> this patch is that the tuxonice patch is not only affect the kernel, there
> are some config files should exist in user space and initramfs as well.
> I think it would be a good feature that Ubuntu could acquire this patch and
> integrate all necessary files in user space. It feels so good that
> suspend/resume could be done so fast.
> Anyway I could demo you what I have in the laptop at UDS, if anyone
> interested in tuxonice patch.

This question has come up _several_ times in the past. We've refused to carry
the Tux-on-ice patch for the following reasons:

 - Due to its size and complexity (distro kernel maintenance becomes harder)
 - Upstream compatibility (changing to TOI means a different set of bugs than
 any other distro, again leading to maintenance issues)
 - It requires its own scripts (IIRC) (again divergence from upstream and
 hence new set of bugs and maintenance issues)

No doubt that TOI has some very nice features that our users would like.
Hopefully Nigel and Rafael can now extract those features from TOI and
integrated them into the upstream kernel.

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