Bluetooth input fixes for stable

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Tue Oct 13 15:03:24 UTC 2009

Brian Rogers wrote:
> Tim Gardner wrote:
>> Brian Rogers wrote:
>>> For Karmic's kernel, I recommend the following cherry-picks from
>>> upstream:
>>> 364f63519d94442ed373ac7da79033c8282df46a
>>> 9eba32b86d17ef87131fa0bce43c614904ab5781
>>> edad63886993d18ab800c49f6587a93432ef8b35
>>> They ensure Bluetooth input devices such as keyboards and mice are
>>> removed completely and in proper order when they disconnect, so that
>>> HAL sees the removal and relays the info to X. Without this,
>>> disconnected Bluetooth devices are left in X, and duplicates appear
>>> on each reconnection until the input device limit is hit. Then no
>>> newly connected input devices will work.
>>> Brian
>> These look suitable for 2.6.31 stable. Have you sent them to
>> stable at
> Actually, I hadn't sent these to stable yet, but that's a good idea.
> CCing relevant parties.
> It's not actually a regression (or at least not a recent one) since the
> stale input device problem has existed as far back as I can remember,
> but these commits do 'fix a real bug that bothers people', as the
> guideline states, so I guess it's appropriate for stable.

If these patches are deemed acceptable for stable, then Stefan will pick
them up through the normal stable updates process in a couple of weeks.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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