Fedora 12 patches for browsing

Steve Conklin steve.conklin at canonical.com
Wed Nov 25 16:56:51 UTC 2009

We've ended up talking a good bit about what's in Fedora with respect to Nouveau,
and today bryce and I also wondered about some possible EDID patches.

I've taken the current Fedora 12 kernel build tree and put it here:
http://www.ai4qr.com/fedora12kernel/rpmbuild/ for browsing.

For those unfamiliar with rpm, the patches all live here alongside the source

It's not uncommon for fedora packages to carry cruft patch files which
aren't applied, so for any patch that concerns you, see if it's included in
the spec file: http://www.ai4qr.com/fedora12kernel/rpmbuild/SPECS/kernel.spec

The changelog is at the bottom of the .spec file.

Please have a look to satisfy any questions.

Some observations:

They are carrying 126 patches, but some are null, and it looks like only 108
of them are applied in the .spec file.

Nouveau drops in as a large patch, it'll take some comparing to figure out
where they got it from.

Here are some bugs referenced in the changelog having to do with nouveau:

These aren't all closed, even though they are referenced in the changelog
and there's a patch. There are lots of references to nouveau in the changelog
over the last three months, it looks like it took a lot of work. Hopefully all
that work has been upstreamed.

A few others that looked interesting:


Bryce - there is a pile of drm patches, including drm-edid-retry.patch,
which I didn't see in a quick look at linus's tree.

Enjoy :)


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