Tracking down a fixed bug: 10h38m problem

Steven N. Severinghaus sns at
Fri Nov 6 16:53:02 UTC 2009

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Hi, all. I'm trying to track down something that is causing problems in
OpenWRT[1] that seems to be fixed with an Ubuntu kernel. In short, our Via
C3 motherboards hang after about 10 hours and 38 minutes (~32870 seconds,
plus or minus a few seconds), and they wake up as if no time has elapsed if
you hit "enter" on the serial console.

I swapped out the OpenWRT kernel for the one from the 9.04 x86 minimal
CD[2], and the problem disappeared. This suggests to me that your team has
possibly fixed this issue, so I'm wondering if it sounds familiar, and if
you might have a patch to point me to.

If not, I'd like to try to understand what the differences are between the
OpenWRT kernel and the Ubuntu kernel. The problem exists even with all of
the OpenWRT patches disabled, so I should be able to somehow bisect the
differences between a vanilla kernel and the minimal Ubuntu kernel and
identify the magic patch. But at over 10 hours for the bug to manifest, I'm
not looking forward to that process.

So, does this ring a bell at all?



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