[PATCH] [Hardy SRU] UBUNTU: SAUCE: upgrade Broadcom 'wl' driver to new release:

Tony Espy espy at canonical.com
Wed May 6 21:11:51 UTC 2009

Tim Gardner wrote:
> Tony Espy wrote:
>> Tim Gardner wrote:
>>> Tony Espy wrote:
>>>> This is my first SRU/SAUCE patch.  Please let me know if anything
>>>> else is required...
>>>> SRU Justification:
>>>> Update of the Broadcom 'wl' driver to newly released GOLD
>>>> version.
>>>> Please pull from:
>>>>     git://kernel.ubuntu.com/espy/ubuntu-hardy-lrm.git
>>>> Bug: #372425
>>>> Tony Espy (1):
>>>>        UBUNTU: SAUCE: upgrade Broadcom 'wl' driver to new release:
>>> Do it like this (though I'm sure Stefan will figure it out this time):
>> Thanks Tim!  I'll make sure to format the next SRU/Patch request for
>> Intrepid & Jaunty properly.
>>> git request-pull 5e79c6bda50ab7e03a7dde9957cff1821b6bd6a2
>>> git://kernel.ubuntu.com/espy/ubuntu-hardy-lrm.git master
>>> Then either attach or inline the results (with any explanatory text
>>> you wish to provide):
>> <snip>
>>> Wasn't Steve gonna create an LPIA netbook branch?
>> I'm not sure...  Steve, care to comment?  It might be overkill unless we
>> find a need to branch ( ie. the ABIs diverge )?
>> Thanks,
>> /tony
> Tony,
> Pursuant to our IRC discussion, I've added support for a broadcom patch
> directory in Hardy LRM. Please respin your broadcom update assuming
> broadcom/patches/0001-MODULE_LICENSE.patch will get applied at
> unpack-stamp time.
> in the future, please add any external patches to broadcom/patches that
> we may wish to carry out-of-band to the Broadcom tarball.
> Brad - since you touched Hardy LRM last, please apply the same 3 patches
> to Intrepid/Jaunty LRM.
> UBUNTU: [Config] Don't 'cp -al' when creating build directories.
> UBUNTU: [Config] Respect a broadcom patch directory if it exists.

Tim --

There's one other patch to the broadcom Makefile that also was applied 
directly to the git tree and is no longer present.  I thought I 
mentioned it as well in our IRC conversation.  I've attached it to this 

Let me know if you'd like me to formally submit it.  Otherwise I'll 
re-spin my SRU assuming that both the Makefile and the License patch 
will be applied at unpack-stamp time.



> rtg

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