Hardy LRM git repository

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Tue May 5 07:42:54 UTC 2009

Hi Tony,

Tony Espy wrote:

  > I have a few questions for you re: the new lrm git trees and the
> Broadcom 'wl' driver, as a new version has been released by Broadcom 
> recently ( ).  I have the new version prep'd for update, 
> however I want to be sure I have the full process in mind before I start 
> sending patch requests...
> 1. The old lrm source tarballs contained separate broadcom architecture 
> specific tarballs for 32 / 64 bit.  From poking around the new git 
> trees, and staging the new update, it looks like the only difference 
> between the tarballs was the prebuilt wlc_hybrid.o file.  Now it looks 
> like we've just re-named this file to include an architecture suffix, so 
> there are actually two files in /lib now, and the right one is copied 
> and stripped of it's suffix on build.  Is that correct?

This is correct. The latest Hardy LRM was changed to look like the Intrepid and 
Jaunty repo (which makes it simpler to update all). Basically the tarballs from 
broadcom were identical, except the binary.

> 2. If a git commit includes a binary file, does that preclude the use of 
> email-formatted patches ( ie. you need to use a pull-request )?

If you look at the output of git-format patch, it already produces some mail 
compliant output. In order to get things over and applied, however, it is 
simpler to pull that from another repo.

> 3. How do we handle uniform patches across multiple distro series?  For 
> instance, in order to upgrade the 'wl' driver across hardy ( needed for 
> netbooks ), intrepid, and jaunty ( there's no karmic tree yet ), do I 
> need to a separate lrm bug against each series?  Do I also need to send 
> four patch requests or is there a way to do this in a single email?

As all the broadcom drivers now should be on the same level, there would be one 
SRU request (bug report) with tasks for all releases. This also requires only 
one mail.

> As I mentioned earlier, I have the new version staged, and would like to 
> submit my patch(es) as soon as I'm comfortable with testing.

The new Hardy LRM git is public on zinc. The paths are historically slightly 
different (updates/ubuntu-resticted). So whatever repo you choose as a base, be 
so kind to mention it. ;-)

> I also have a patch for wl's MODULE_LICENSE ( it's "" ), which somehow 
> was dropped along the way ( it used to be included in the vlan patch ).
> Finally, I have one final patch which fixes a permission / capability 
> problem with the driver which prevents a user from running iwconfig or 
> iwlist if not privileged.

Best use separate commits to (re-)add those. And probably add a note about this 
to the BOM file. So the next one that feels like just extracting the new 
tarball is warned.


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