Recommended Bug List from the QA Team

Leann Ogasawara leann.ogasawara at
Mon Mar 16 16:56:59 GMT 2009

Hi Everyone,

Here's the updated bug list for this week:

Of the 15 bugs added last week, 1 was Fix Released, 2 were Fix
Committed, 2 are In Progress, 3 are Incomplete waiting for feedback, and
the remaining 7 are Triaged/Confirmed.  I've added 11 new bugs this week
and regressions are holding steady at 21 bugs.  The Carried Forward
section currently has 76 bugs, down 3 from last week.  The In Progress
section is at 83 bugs, up 5 from last week.  And the number of Fixed
bugs is at 90, up 12 from last week.  Great work!


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