Recommended Bug List from the QA Team

Leann Ogasawara leann.ogasawara at
Mon Jul 20 20:15:46 BST 2009

Hi Guys,

Here's the updated bug list for the week [1].  I've added 10 new bugs to
the list.  Of the 10 new bugs, 4 are regression-potential bugs and 1 is
a regression-release bug.  Currently, the Carried Forward section is at
119 bugs (up 8), the In Progress section is at 92 bugs (up 4), and the
Fixed section is at 93 bugs (up 4).  Of the 21 bugs added last week, the
stats are as follows:

1 Fix Committed
5 In Progress
3 Incomplete
12 Triaged

I also just want to add a reminder that tomorrow's kernel bug day [2]
will target the backlog of bugs from the weekly kernel bug list.



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