Jaunty LPIA kernel and lrm uploads pending

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Tue Jan 27 20:39:20 UTC 2009

Andy Whitcroft wrote:
> There are two uploads pending your scrutiny.  There is a second
> upload of the ubuntu-jaunty-lpia tree, and a first upload of the
> ubuntu-jaunty-lpia-lrm tree.  Both are pushed up to zinc and you were going
> to take a look and upload them for me.  The kernel upload is required
> to allow the lrm to build correctly, there is a small depandancy error
> in the initial upload you did for me.  Both of these were uploaded and
> build ok in my PPA.
> Thanks.
> -apw

Uploaded linux-lpia_2.6.28-1.2. I'll try to get LRM uploaded tomorrow in
the midst of my travels. If not, then hassle Ben.

In the meantime you might also consider rebasing against the distro tree
as it leads the LPIA by some dozen commits.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com

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