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Marc Tardif marc.tardif at canonical.com
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Hi Brad,

* Brad Figg <brad.figg at canonical.com> [2009-08-30 09:24 -0700]:
> Pete Graner wrote:
> > Pls get on this ASAP, Marc needs this info so that your jobs will be 
> > easier, I'd like everyone's comments by the end of this upcoming week.
> Before the previous email, I'd never even heard of "the hardware
> certification website". Can someone provide a URL


I have just sent you an invitation which will give you access to the
website. Let me know once you have accepted the invitation so that I
can give you the necessary ACLs to view all hardware.

Note that this invitation process is a remnant (not Scott) from the
fact the website was initially under the Corporate team. Since it
has moved to the Platform QA team, some of the information on the
website will eventually be made available publicly without the need
for an account.

> and an explanation of how it going to make my job easier?

The hardware certification website is used by the Platform QA team to
perform tests on over 100 systems which have been either loaned to
Canonical for certification purposes or bought specifically for
testing purposes. The website is the central location where all
the test results are stored for reporting the overall status of
the distribution.

The reason why this refactoring of devices in the hardware certification
website will make your job easier is that you will now be able to search
for the devices contained in each of our systems. So, you can determine
whether the device has been tested or not. Or, if you are working on a
specific problem, you can actually have access to the hardware to
reproduce the problem and ultimately confirm it is solved.

> Is this related to the HW DB that we have been talking to the LP
> folks about?

The hardware certification website is not related to the Launchpad HWDB,
although both use Checkbox as the client to report test results as well
as the hardware and software installed on a system. The fundamental
difference is that the former is mostly for testing purposes whereas
the latter is mostly for gathering metrics about hardware in the
community. However, with recent integration between Checkbox and apport,
the HWDB could eventually be used to get more hardware information
related to a bug.

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