[PATCH 0/23] [Karmic] Dove: Latest batch of bug fixes and feature enhancements from Marvell.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Sun Aug 30 23:54:52 UTC 2009

Brad Figg wrote:
> Tim Gardner wrote:
>> Brad Figg wrote:
>>> Please pull from:
>>>     git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-karmic mvl-dove
>>> Everything after:
>>>     32f9231fa28fc908cda8aa2085343be5108787a5 UBUNTU: [Config] Dove configuration, Wireless LAN, Graphics, AUFS
>>> Brad Figg (2):
>>>   UBUNTU: [Config] Dove configuration, DOVEFB_DISPLAY_MODE=y
>>>   UBUNTU: SAUCE: Correct undefined dove_pm_register which prevented Z0
>>>     flavour from building.
>> I would do this a bit differently. We want to maintain Marvell's branch
>> as delivered by them until 2.6.31 is released, i.e., we want our Ubuntu
>> goodness rebased on top of their branch.
>> So, some contortions are required. This method only works as long as you
>> have not made any commits _outside_ of debian or debian.mvl-dove,
>> otherwise they'll get lost.
>> ) Make sure your working tree is pristine
>> git checkout -f mvl-dove
>> git clean -f -d
>> ) Save off a copy of debian and debian.mvl-dove
>> mkdir ../debian.sav
>> rsync -a debian debian.mvl-dove ../debian.sav
>> ) Find a common merge point and rebase against Dove's branch
>> git reset HEAD v2.6.31-rc7
>> git remote add dove git://kernel.ubuntu.com/marvell/dove-kernel
>> git fetch dove
>> git rebase refs/remotes/dove/marvell-dove-2.6.31-rc7
>> ) At this point our branch should be identical to Marvell's. The next
>> step is to rebase Karmic master on top:
>> git rebase origin/master
>> ) In order to turn this into the Dove build we restore the stashed
>> copies of debian and debian.mvl-dove
>> rsync -a ../debian.sav/ .
>> git add --all
>> git commit -s -e -F debian/commit-templates/config-updates
>> ) The last step is to revert 2 Marvell commits that hose up the build:
>> dove: fix build error when builing modules This patch builds the hal
>> sub-dirs only when builing the kernel
>> fixes to the Makefile system to enable out-of-tree compilation
>> git revert -e 9d84859da6981d9dfc43a67f0ea9dd82204d95d1
>> git revert -e 9a06a61a1cf522ac8e2b894bfb554cb818a95b08
>> You'll also likely have to futz around with changelog versions and the
>> ABI stuff.
>> Easy, right?
>> rtg
> Ok, all done. The mvl-dove topic branch in my public git repo
> is all rebased and patched. I'm not exactly sure what the email
> would look like requesting a pull but "please pull".
> There was only two files with conflicts that were pretty trivial.
> Brad

pushed, packaged, and uploaded linux-mvl-dove_2.6.31-203.7

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com

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