Hardware certification device information

Pete Graner pgraner at canonical.com
Sun Aug 30 08:38:08 UTC 2009


Pls get on this ASAP, Marc needs this info so that your jobs will be 
easier, I'd like everyone's comments by the end of this upcoming week.



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Marc Tardif wrote:
> Hi folks,
> The hardware certification website is being refactored so that devices
> can be searched effectively. Ultimately, you should be able to identify
> the systems which contain the devices you might need to reproduce bugs
> or confirm that a fix actually works.
> The hardware certification database used to rely on HAL information, but
> this is being refactored to rely on udev instead. What I need from you
> is the list of properties from the udev database and attributes from the
> sysfs which would need to be structured in the database so that they can
> later be searched.
> For your convenience, I have attached the following files generated on
> my system to identify some of the relevant properties and attributes:
> properties.txt: These are the properties, also referred to as the
>   environment (E) in udev. This is basically the filtered output of
>   `udevadm info --export-deb`.
> attributes.txt: These are the attribute detected by udev from the
>   sysfs for each device. This is basically the filtered output of
>   `udevadm info --attribute-walk --path=...` for each device.
> devices.txt: This is the combined output of the udev database and the
>   corresponding sysfs attributes, so that the information can be easily
>   correlated. I'm hoping this might provide useful examples from my
>   system in the event some properties or attributes aren't clear.

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