[PATCH 0/23] [Karmic] Dove: Latest batch of bug fixes and feature enhancements from Marvell.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Fri Aug 28 13:43:49 UTC 2009

Brad Figg wrote:
> Please pull from:
>     git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-karmic mvl-dove
> Everything after:
>     32f9231fa28fc908cda8aa2085343be5108787a5 UBUNTU: [Config] Dove configuration, Wireless LAN, Graphics, AUFS
> Brad Figg (2):
>   UBUNTU: [Config] Dove configuration, DOVEFB_DISPLAY_MODE=y
>   UBUNTU: SAUCE: Correct undefined dove_pm_register which prevented Z0
>     flavour from building.

I would do this a bit differently. We want to maintain Marvell's branch
as delivered by them until 2.6.31 is released, i.e., we want our Ubuntu
goodness rebased on top of their branch.

So, some contortions are required. This method only works as long as you
have not made any commits _outside_ of debian or debian.mvl-dove,
otherwise they'll get lost.

) Make sure your working tree is pristine

git checkout -f mvl-dove
git clean -f -d

) Save off a copy of debian and debian.mvl-dove

mkdir ../debian.sav
rsync -a debian debian.mvl-dove ../debian.sav

) Find a common merge point and rebase against Dove's branch

git reset HEAD v2.6.31-rc7
git remote add dove git://kernel.ubuntu.com/marvell/dove-kernel
git fetch dove
git rebase refs/remotes/dove/marvell-dove-2.6.31-rc7

) At this point our branch should be identical to Marvell's. The next
step is to rebase Karmic master on top:

git rebase origin/master

) In order to turn this into the Dove build we restore the stashed
copies of debian and debian.mvl-dove

rsync -a ../debian.sav/ .
git add --all
git commit -s -e -F debian/commit-templates/config-updates

) The last step is to revert 2 Marvell commits that hose up the build:

dove: fix build error when builing modules This patch builds the hal
sub-dirs only when builing the kernel
fixes to the Makefile system to enable out-of-tree compilation

git revert -e 9d84859da6981d9dfc43a67f0ea9dd82204d95d1
git revert -e 9a06a61a1cf522ac8e2b894bfb554cb818a95b08

You'll also likely have to futz around with changelog versions and the
ABI stuff.

Easy, right?

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com

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