[PATCH][Jaunty SRU] include drivers/pci/hotplug/* in -virtual package

Scott Moser scott.moser at canonical.com
Thu Aug 27 00:51:34 UTC 2009

As documented in bug 364916, the acpiphp module (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI)
is needed to support pci hotplug in kvm.  This kernel module is currently
not being collected into the -virtual package.

Note, that functional hotplug of pci (storage or network) depends on
presence of this module in the guest.  Use of Eucalyptus EBS volumes
depend on this functionality.

I would like to propose this change both for an SRU release of jaunty and
as a change for karmic.

The chances for regression caused by this are very low, as it is just
including an additional module (of size ~ 50k).  The module is already
built by the -server flavour, just not collected for -virtual.

The result of applying the change is presence of the
drivers/pci/hotplug/acpiphp.ko module in the -virtual package.

I've built the kernel and verified the driver is present in the -virtual
package.  Unfortunately, my attempt to utilize it failed.  For that I've
opened bug 419590.

Signed-off-by: Scott Moser <smoser at canonical.com>

diff --git a/debian.master/sub-flavours/virtual.list b/debian.master/sub-flavours/virtual.list
index 54860d4..aca70b1 100644
--- a/debian.master/sub-flavours/virtual.list
+++ b/debian.master/sub-flavours/virtual.list
@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ drivers/net/virtio_net.ko

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