armel fsl-im51 meta packages

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Fri Aug 21 14:16:54 UTC 2009

Here are the meta package relationships (for review):

linux-fsl-imx51 --> linux-image-fsl-imx51 --> linux-image-imx51
linux-imx51 --> linux-image-imx51
linux-image-imx51 --> linux-image-ABI-imx51

linux-headers-imx51 --> linux-headers-ABI-imx51

Note that there are 2 ways to depend on the right image package, e.g.,
start with linux-imx51 or linux-fsl-imx51. This appears to be a holdover
from the disto meta package (and might be overkill in this case). It
gives you a way of depending on the generic flavour for whatever ARCH
you are running on.

You can review the source at

git:// fsl-imx51

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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