Pull Request: [Jaunty SRU] Apply all Freescale ER9 SP patches to Ubuntu Jaunty kernel

Brad Figg brad.figg at canonical.com
Mon Aug 17 16:41:00 UTC 2009

BugLink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/414130

Please pull from: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-jaunty fsl


IMPACT: Resolve a number of defects and add enhancements
        impacting the supported architecture/platform.
FIX:    Apply all of the ER9-SP release patches. The patches
        will be applied to a git topic branch in the Jaunty
        tree to maintain separation from other architectures
        and flavours.
TEST:   These patches have been QA'd by Freescale.

Resolved Defects
FSL Identifier  Description                                     Configs
--------------  -------------------------------------------     -----------
ENGR00110228    [MX51_BSP] BOOT: The board will hang when       MX51-3STACK
                using "reboot" to reboot. Possibility: 0.1%

ENGR00113184    UBOOT: Request to remove Watchdog disable       MX37-3STACK
                codes in MX37 and MX51 uboot                    MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113197    iMx51 TO2/Linux/"hwclock -w" freeze the         MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113369    [MX25_BSP] Boot up: The system can not boot     MX25-3STACK
                up without debug board. 100%

ENGR00113376    [MX37] SD can't be detected after fast          MX35-3STACK
                removal/insertion                               MX37-3STACK

ENGR00113607    Refine and unify the definitions of the two     MX31-3STACK
                esdhc host.                                     MX31-ADS

ENGR00113632    Optimize mx31 3ds board standby power           ALL/GENERAL

ENGR00113656    MX31 dptc resource defination error             MX31-3STACK

ENGR00113666    [MX25/35] CAN triggers the WARN_ON_ONCE in      MX25-3STACK
                /kernel/softirq.c when receiving data           MX35-3STACK

ENGR00113673    IPUv3:RGB to RGB pixel format change is not     MX37-3STACK
                right in IC for PRP viewfinder                  MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113676    [MX25_BSP]ESAI: Mono file play faster than      MX25-3STACK
                than normal when using 5.1 audio card. 100%

ENGR00113742    [MX25_BSP] ALSA: left and right channel         MX25-3STACK
                swapped. Possibility: 80%

ENGR00113827    [STM378x]avoid power dip when initializing SD   STMP3780

ENGR00113940    [MX31_BSP]FM: FM can not work. 100%             MX31-3STACK

ENGR00113990    [MX25_BSP] NAND: The oob test fail.             MX25-3STACK
                Possibility: 100%

ENGR00114026    [MX51-3DS] Error on Framebuffer initialization  MX51-3STACK

ENGR00114037    [MX31_BSP] PM: LCD can not resume after         MX31-3STACK
                entering standby mode.100%

ENGR00114097    MX51 Babbage: Register backlight device only    MX51-BABBAGE
                when display card is attached

ENGR00114140    [MX51] SSI underrun in ALSA loopback mode       MX51-3STACK

ENGR00114166    MX51 Babbage: can not reboot from SPI NOR       MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114201    UBOOT: Add MMC configs to mx35 3stack config    MX35-3STACK

ENGR00114206    MX35: Fix GPIO pin definitions                  MX35-3STACK

ENGR00114282    MX51: Need to disable ALP bits so that ARM      MX51-3STACK
                memory power gating is disabled                 MX51-BABBAGE

Resolved Enhancements
FSL Identifier  Description                                     Configs
--------------  -------------------------------------------     -----------
ENGR00112700    [MX51 Doc] Add RM chapter about CPUFreq         MX51-3STACK

ENGR00112701    [MX51 Doc] Add RM chapter for Light sensor      MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113055    Add ability to read EDID from monitor and       MX51-BABBAGE
                use data.

ENGR00113364    ASOC: Add AK5702 support for ESAI record        MX25-3STACK

ENGR00113541    IPUv3:Support IC combing with local alpha       MX37-3STACK
                value contained in pixel.                       MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113546    MX51: set PLL2 as UART parent clk               MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113609    GPU: open default frame buffer(fb0) if user     MX51-3STACK
                doesn't provide it.                             MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00113611    UBOOT: Add FEC support for BBG2.                MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00113743    Add driver to provide direct access to IIM      MX25-3STACK
                for MX25

ENGR00113773    Add apm support for mc13892 battery             MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113828    mc9s08dz60 keypad driver                        MX35-3STACK

ENGR00113932    Support IC local alpha blending with            MX37-3STACK
                separate channel for Screenlayer library        MX51-3STACK

ENGR00113933    Support IC local alpha blending with alpha      MX37-3STACK
                value contained in pixel for Screenlayer        MX51-3STACK
                library                                         MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114005    MX35: Disable 24M OSC in stop mode              MX35-3STACK

ENGR00114023    Add Dual monitor capability                     MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114024    Add support for 720p via DVI                    MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114092    MX35: Enable CONFIG_SDMA_IRAM                   MX35-3STACK

ENGR00114113    MX25: Enable SND_IRAM and SDMA_IRAM default     MX25-3STACK

ENGR00114139    MX51 Babbage: remove backlight device           MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114145    disable MC13892 battery charger on BBG          MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114157    Add SPI data flash support for MX51             MX51-BABBAGE

ENGR00114178    Support MMC/SD boot and enable dhcp in          MX25-3STACK
                uboot on MX25

ENGR00114189    Enlarge the rootfs partition to accommodate     MX25-3STACK
                Gnome-mobile                                    MX25-3STACK

ENGR00114233    Add support for programming ubifs image on      ALL/GENERAL
                nand flash

ENGR00114236    Disable NAND driver interleave mode support     ALL/GENERAL

ENGR00114273    [MX233_BSP] IIM:Add virtual IIM platform        STMP3780

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