[Hardy-LUM] SRU: e1000e-ich9m: no wired ethernet adapter Intel 82567LM Dell E6500 @ ubuntu 8.04

Colin Ian King colin.king at canonical.com
Mon Aug 17 15:04:05 UTC 2009

Hi Stefan,

Any reason why the following #defines should not be added into
e1000e-ich9m/hw.h rather than in e1000e-ich9m/netdev.c?

#define E1000_DEV_ID_ICH10_D_BM_LM            0x10DE
#define E1000_DEV_ID_ICH10_D_BM_LF            0x10DF


On Mon, 2009-08-17 at 16:52 +0200, Stefan Bader wrote:
> SRU Justification:
> Impact: Some Intel network cards cannot be used as the IDs are missing from the 
> e1000e driver.
> Fix: The patch has been backported from Intrepid and adds the missing IDs to 
> the driver.
> Testcase: Boot to Hardy when 82567LM card is present. It is detected with the 
> updated driver, otherwise not.
> -Stefan

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