tuxonice support (again...)

Nigel Cunningham ncunningham at crca.org.au
Tue Apr 21 22:42:56 UTC 2009

Hi Tim.

On Tue, 2009-04-21 at 07:52 -0600, Tim Gardner wrote:
> While I appreciate the intent and functionality of Tux on ICE, there is
> _no_ chance of including it in this distro kernel until it is upstream
> in Linus' tree. I'm all for faster hibernate/resume, but I cannot
> support such a large divergence from the upstream kernel source. We
> tried that in Hardy (xen, rt, openvz), and its still causing maintenance
> issues.

Thanks for your reply to Matt's email. Unfortunately, TuxOnIce has got a
reputation for being intrusive that it doesn't deserve. If you look at
the PPA, you'll see that.

That said, I understand the reluctance to include it if it's not
upstream, and I hope to finally submit it for inclusion in mainline soon
- I'm only doing the tidy ups and so on now in preparation for that.



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