t400 lenovo - is intrepid dangerous?

Paul Gupta paul at guptaxpn.com
Mon Sep 29 21:01:40 UTC 2008

I have heard, from the following forum, and several others, that the
upcoming kernel in intrepid as well as the e1000e (or e1000 driver, I'm
not sure which one ubuntu includes)

is !!!_DANGEROUS_!!! for the t400 series computer's wired ethernet card,
and that the wireless  may be buggy

are these things still true? I'm not sure if this bug is getting the
attention it deserves...nor do I even know how to check the current status!

Could you help me figure out if the upcoming kernel (and provided
drivers) will be compatible with this laptop computer? (and safe!!?)

Thank you,

Paul Gupta

(information gathered from below)

taken from this forum post:

An update:

No, I actually haven't got linux onto this thing yet, for several reasons.

Here's the first:


Some websurfing revealed that there's been a bug discovered that can
permanently damage hardware when the 2.6.27 experimental kernel is run
with chipsets that need the e1000e module (like the one my ethernet
hardware would have to use).

Read carefully:

In other words: My sense from surfing around the web is that other T400
users have not yet consistently been able to use the Intel 5300 WiFi
Link for their wireless without resorting to the 2.6.27 kernel, which we
now know has a bug that would probably fry my ethernet card.

Until people who know more than me get these problems sorted out, I'm
going to hold off on linux on my T400.

Otherwise the machine is great. And yes, the brightness of the LED
monitor is easily adjustable. If you're really set on it, I would get
one with one of the less-new wireless devices - seems like there's
better support for those.

BTW, I had to fool around in the BIOS to get the debian install cd to
work. I set the Display to disable switchable graphics, and held them at
"Discrete" (the ATI video card). I also needed to switch the SATA
settings to "Compatibility" in order for the cd to be recognized. I do
not know why.


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