AUFS: status?

Michael Haas laga+ml at
Sat Sep 20 18:47:07 UTC 2008


I sent some patches for AUFS to the mailing list, about five weeks ago.
These patches add a proper aufs tree which actually supports things like
NFS branches etc.

There are a few problems with my patch:

* it doesn't apply cleanly against 2.6.27 anymore.
* according to amitk, that version is missing the fix for the rename
deadlock issue.

We have a few options now:

* use a newer version of aufs which contains the fix for the deadlock
and support for 2.6.27.
* use my patch, which tried to be as close to what currently lives in
the ubuntu kernel as possible, fix the deadlock issue and fix
compilation. I guess patches for these problems are already in the
Intrepid kernel, but it's not exactly easy to extract them. AUFS was
added as a big monolithic commit [1] and I'm not keen on hunting down

Let me know which approach you want so I can submit a patch.

I'd like to see this fixed for 8.10 beta. AUFS has been broken for a
long time and Mythbuntu needs it.




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