Moving forward with 2.6.27 kernel

Ben Collins ben.collins at
Thu Sep 18 15:48:31 UTC 2008

As per our initial plan for validating 2.6.27 for Intrepid, the kernel 
team as been following closely the bugs related to this testing. This 
testing mainly involved Alpha5 and a post Alpha5 kernel upload.

Based on bug reports we've concluded that 2.6.27 better in many ways to 
2.6.26, and in cases where 2.6.27 was known to regress from 2.6.26, 
we've been able to identify the problems and are sure they will either 
be fixed, or wont be show stoppers for release.

Many thanks to Leann for tracking all of the bugs through this. Here are 
some links to pertinent bug lists:

Regressions from 2.6.26:

Bugs fixed by 2.6.27:

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