Request to include Intel processor microcode in Intrepid and Hardy

Zhao, Yingying yingying.zhao at
Thu Sep 18 11:19:33 UTC 2008

Hi cate,

Would you please upgrade the microcode to 20080910?

- Yingying

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>Subject: Request to include Intel processor microcode in 
>Intrepid and Hardy
>The Intel microcode data file contains the latest microcode definitions
>for all Intel processors. I just checked but didn't find the microcode
>date file(microcode.dat) and the utility tools (microcode_ctl) in both
>Hardy and Intrepid. I'm afraid this feature request wasn't passed to
>Canonical before.
>Is it possible that Intrepid includes the latest microcode.dat and
>microcode_ctl in the next Alpha 6 release? 
>Can we release this microcode.dat/microcode_ctl updates as SRU for
>The latest microcode is microcode-20080910, which is available in
>nldID=14303&strOss=&OSFullName=&lang=eng> . And the latest 
>utility tools
>for microcode (microcode_ctl) is 1.17 which is from
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