kerneloops in Ubuntu

Arjan van de Ven arjan at
Thu Sep 11 16:25:20 UTC 2008

Amit Kucheria wrote:
> Hi Arjan,
> I have proposed[1] that Ubuntu enable kerneloops in its default
> install for the next release.
> One of the risks identified with this is that LKML might not care
> about bug reports from non-pristine kernels. There seem to be the
> following options:
> 1. Enable kerneloops as-is in Ubuntu 9.04 (quick)
> 2. Modify kerneloops or apport to submit the bugs to Launchpad
> (Ubuntu's bug tracking system)[2] and Ubuntu QA forwards bugs to LKML
> (manual and labour intensive)
> 3. Submit bugs to Launchpad and develop LP modules to automate bug
> forwarding to kerneloops. (automatic, needs devel)
> Obviously, option 3 won't happen in this cycle. Options 1 and 2 can. I
> am writing to solicit your views on this topic.

For option 1 I would like to request that at least it is possible to map
the report to the Ubuntu distro (I do the same for other distros); if worse
comes to worse I can then just filter them out ;)
(and I can make per distro reports for use by the distro maintainers for their
own quality assessment).

Given that Ubuntu used to deviate quite a bit from mainline, especially
in terms of drivers, the other request I have is that I get a named
contact that I can bug to get bugs fixed in out-of-tree drivers. (I
have that for other distros too which include non-mainline drivers)
The nightmare scenario is that all of the top reports are in external
drivers in the Ubuntu kernel, but nobody will ever fix them; that would
render useless (and will eventually lead to me filtering
out the reports). However, if this is used to then get focus from the
Ubuntu ecosystem to fix these drivers, then suddenly it becomes a highly
valueable effort that actually improves quality of the Linux experience.

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