kerneloops in Ubuntu

Amit Kucheria amit at
Thu Sep 11 16:15:55 UTC 2008

Hi Arjan,

I have proposed[1] that Ubuntu enable kerneloops in its default
install for the next release.

One of the risks identified with this is that LKML might not care
about bug reports from non-pristine kernels. There seem to be the
following options:

1. Enable kerneloops as-is in Ubuntu 9.04 (quick)
2. Modify kerneloops or apport to submit the bugs to Launchpad
(Ubuntu's bug tracking system)[2] and Ubuntu QA forwards bugs to LKML
(manual and labour intensive)
3. Submit bugs to Launchpad and develop LP modules to automate bug
forwarding to kerneloops. (automatic, needs devel)

Obviously, option 3 won't happen in this cycle. Options 1 and 2 can. I
am writing to solicit your views on this topic.



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