2.6.27-1 rc3 bugs

Srikanth Sundaresan srknth.s at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 17:29:55 UTC 2008

I installed the rc3 kernel in Hardy, and I found a few bugs. I
reported them to launchpad, then I came across Ben Collins' blog where
he said the bugs could be reported directly to this mailing list.

The bugs:
> I can't hibernate now. It doesn't complain during hibernation, but it gets stuck during wake up. (Bug 267831)

> I'm having trouble with my wireless (Atheros). It works fine after a fresh boot, however, after waking up from suspend, it doesn't see any wireless networks. I cannot connect to any network from the command line either.
The following steps seem to solve the problem:
 - Before suspend, I stop the networking daemon and remove the ath5k module.
 - After waking up from suspend, I add the ath5k module and restart
the networking daemon.
It then is able to scan and connect to networks.
There seems to be no difference in the lsmod output before and after
suspend. I've attached my lspci and lsmod outputs iin the bug report.
(Bug 267844)

> I also face a similar issue with sound. It works after a fresh boot, but a suspend screws it up. There's no sound. Alsamixer doesn't show most of the channels, and the volume applet doesn't work; when i try to increase the volume, it goes back to 0 immediately.

Please let me know if you need further info and I'll send it.

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