[RFC] Weekly Kernel Team IRC Meeting Time & Format Change

Pete Graner pgraner at canonical.com
Fri Sep 5 13:16:08 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I would like to propose a change to how the kernel team conducts its 
weekly IRC meetings.

Currently the Canonical portion of the kernel team has a weekly phone 
call on Tuesdays. On this call we cover numerous topics, most of which 
should be discussed in a community forum. Immediately afterwards we have 
the weekly IRC meeting in #ubuntu-kernel on Freenode.

I would like to propose that we move the IRC meeting to 1500 UTC 
starting Tuesday 23 Sep 2008. With that I would like to move it to 

Why this proposal & what does it solve?

I've noticed that the current IRC meetings held in #ubuntu-kernel are 
not broadly attended and lack content. I believe the reason is that by 
holding the internal call first much of the interesting topics get 
covered there and have to be repeated in the IRC meeting. I'm proposing 
holding the IRC meeting first, coving all the topics of community 
interest in the IRC forum. This leaves  the Canonical portion of the 
kernel team free to hold the weekly call afterwards and discuss 
Canonical relevant business.

Also by holding it in #ubuntu-meeting it brings the meeting in line with 
what the other teams are doing and mootbot can be used to track meeting 
mins, actions and the like.



Pete Graner	<pgraner at canonical.com>
Kernel Manger
Canonical Ltd.

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