SRU request for LP#137978 (6.0.6 LTS)

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Wed Sep 3 16:48:44 UTC 2008

SRU Justification:

Impact: Running wine applications from a FAT filesystem causes the wine
process to get stuck in a kernel "D" state and cannot be killed. This
prevents a user from unmounting the FAT filesystem.

Fix: Replace a typo in fat_ioctl_readdir() introduced during
CVE-2007-2878, where the second semaphore down() should in fact be an

Testcase: Without the patch one can trip the bug by:

1. Mount any FAT filesystem
2. Copy some file.exe file to it.
3. Run: wine /media/fattest/file.exe
4. Wine hangs and cannot be killed.

With the patch, this works. This has been tested by myself on a cleanly
installed 6.0.6 LTS i386 Desktop version inside VirtualBox, see note:

Patch attached.

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