Updates on ath5k/madwifi status on samsung q1

Loïc Minier loic.minier at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 23 15:25:57 UTC 2008

        Hi folks,

 For those along following this thread, this is an attempt to summarize
 the actual bugs or abscence thereof around ath5k/madwifi on Q1U.

 First, wifi currently works with madwifi on the Q1U, even if you don't
 change anything, at least with WPA.  Not with WPA2 though as reported
 by Amit.  Better than installing lbm for everybody.  (I don't have WPA2
 nor do I think we can fix madwifi to support it before intrepid; if you
 care, you're welcome to file a bug, I don't have one handy for this.)

 Wifi works with lbm's ath5k which takes precedence over anything else.

 I don't think there is any race with ath5k; the madwifi module just
 plain doesn't like suspend/resume, even when ath5k isn't around.  Bug

 Concerning the two ath5k and madwifi getting loaded, this wont happen
 in jaunty because ath5k is already good enough in tip that we can drop
 madwifi, so we will get a single driver to support all PCI ids, and
 real hardware using these PCI ids.  Bug #284354.  Nothing to be done
 except release-noting the workaround.

 ath5k status in linux/linux-lpia: I didn't see ath5k working, rtg had
 issues with it and recommended removing it from linux/linux-lpia: I
 second that; it's high priority for intrepid, not critical I'd say but
 best to avoid half working wifi IMO; no idea how many affected people
 with working ath5k or half working.  We should recommend lbm or let
 these people try madwifi IMO.  Bug #288148.  For sample breakage, see
 or #276508, #275423.

 Finally, concerning madwifi wpasupplicant backend, it's an orthogonal
 question; this backend is deprecated (madwifi's upstream recommends not
 using it), and the wext backend works at least for WEP and WPA with
 madwifi drivers.

Loïc Minier

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