New intel 3945 ucode released

Wan, Huaxu huaxu.wan at
Thu Oct 23 06:35:40 UTC 2008

 Hi Tim,

There are two uCodes for 3945, one is with "-1" API version, another
one is "-2". "-2" uCode supports direct probe in passive channels.
But, it is not required until the patch "iwl3945 : Fix a-band association
for passive channels" included. I checked the wireless-testing tree
this morning, the patch is not in yet. So, the "-2" uCode could
not work with current wireless-testing tree. I think the right new uCode
for Intrepid is the "-1" one. It allows full active dwell time after scan
auto-switches from passive to active scan.

For "-2" or the next "-3" uCode, I think we can update to it in the next
SRU. I'll let you know if there is update.

Download link for uCodes:



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Wan, Huaxu wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> A new 3945 uCode has been released to improve the scanning capabilities.
> You can also download it from
> Thanks
> Huaxu


>From what I read in the Linux wireless mailing list, there are some
restrictions regarding which versions of the iwl3945 driver can support
this new version of firmware. Can you elaborate with respect to the
driver versions that are in 2.6.27 and the current wireless-testing tree
(Intrepid linux-backports-modules) ?;a=summary;a=summary


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