ath5k/madwifi status on samsung q1

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Wed Oct 22 17:58:21 UTC 2008

David Mandala wrote:
> Loïc Minier wrote:
>>         Hi
>> On Wed, Oct 22, 2008, Amit Kucheria wrote:
>>> So the issue here is that -mobile team is upset that a newer ath5k
>>> cannot be shipped in the default kernel.
>>  Hmm no, we want working wifi; we don't want ath5k in particular.  Newer
>>  ath5k if it fixes wifi (which I'm told it does) is fine, but madwifi
>>  has been working reliably for us too, and we would have been happy with
>>  madwifi as well.
>>  bug #284354 is about the two drivers being loaded at the same time
>>  which is completely wrong on its own.
> [snip]
>>  So, you've looked into updating ath5k before release, that's not
>>  possible, I propose the following best effort measures:
>>  - kernel team continues looking into fixing ath5k in linux for Q1U /
>>    WPA as a SRU
>>  - we document the issue in the release notes, with known workarounds
>>    (either blacklisting madwifi or ath5k, or installing lbm's ath5k)
>>  - we provide linux-backports-modules as an installable .deb on the
>>    images, at least the mobile images, as to allow the release notes to
>>    give an easy networkless recipe to get wifi working (sudo gdebi
>>    /path/to/lbm.deb); this last idea is one by Oliver, thanks!
>>  I also highly recommend that the kernel team looks at preventing
>>  multiple drivers for the same PCI id to be selected.  Having ath5k and
>>  madwifi claim the same PCI ids and racing to get loaded, or having both
>>  of them loaded is completely broken and needs to be blocked ASAP.
>>    Cheers,
> Given the timeframe remaining, this looks sane and sensible to me, Pete
> and Amit, what are your thoughts?

After talking to Tim about the multiple driver loading. It might be 
changeable if we could distinguish the various adapters based on 
sub-vendor and sub-device ID. Currently all ath5K parts have the same 
vendor and device ID. There is no way to tell until the HAL loads 
whether the MAC is supported. The MAC is the RF section, usually AR2424 
or AR2425, etc... Unfortunately we just can't do it.



> Cheers,
> David

Pete Graner	<pgraner at>

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